Statement by German Ambassador Michael Clauss on the trial against Jiang Tianyong (25.08.2017)

We are closely following the criminal proceedings against Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong who was brought to trial this week in Changsha. For years Jiang Tianyong has been committed to promoting human rights and rule of law in China, including supporting lawyers and activists who were detained in the wake of the so-called “709-crackdown”.

We are concerned that throughout the proceedings Jiang Tianyong has not been allowed access to lawyers of his own choosing and that he was obviously prejudged through a “confession” aired by Chinese TV before his trial had even begun. Under these circumstances, a fair trial is impossible. We call on the Chinese authorities to conduct the proceedings in accordance with due process of law and to adhere to relevant UN conventions, and to enforce the stated objective of the Chinese leadership of strengthening the rule of law.

Ever since his arrest in November 2016, the German government has raised Jiang Tianyong’s case in high-level encounters with our Chinese partners. Germany will continue to take an active interest in his fate.